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June 22nd, 2007 (08:39 pm)

current mood: ecstatic

Ok, so what can I say about the Meat Loaf concert?

It was totallyabsolutelyindescribably mind blowing an awesome and it was one of the most awesome things I've ever seen and after having been a Meat Loaf fan for GAH! 14 years now (yes, I was about 5 when I fell in love with his music) this concert made me just so so so insanely happy.

Ok, so Marion Raven did the pre-show thing. She's good too. Has a lovely voice which made me totally envy her. XD. As opposed to my voice, hers is strong.

Anyway, and then Meat Loaf started. He opened the show with Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Some might know about the bit of acting that's always part of that song even on the record/CD. That was totally awesome and funny. :) Yep, he can still do it.

He sang songs from Bat Out Of Hell I, II and III. That's why the tour is called the Three Bats Tour. I was practically extatic most of the time, lol. And by the end of Objects in the Rear View Mirror and Rock n Roll Dreams Come Through I was practically in tears. But still because it was so awesome and because those two songs are my total favourites and especially Rock n Roll Dreams means a great deal to me.

Hm... I wish I could say more... I wish I could show all of you how wonderful and mind blowing it was...

I did film some of it with my phone, but the quality is really crappy... I am going to put them on my computer... geez. NO WAY I am going to just delete those, even though the quality sucks... Well, anyway. Total total YAYNESS.

Oh, and I got a T-shirt. :) I'll make a photo when I'm waring it and post it. My mum has to shorten it a bit, I think, cause it's really long. The T, not the photo. lol

Anyway... *big grin*

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June 2nd, 2007 (10:39 am)

current mood: amused/weirded out just a bit
current song: Fragrance - Gackt

Sorry, I found this amusing. Laughed quite a bit. Hope no one takes offence, but.... One can freaking overdo it.

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(no subject)

May 31st, 2007 (10:56 am)

current mood: irate

Well, now they say something...

Here's the lj-news post about the deletion of lots of journals and comms because of their interests after this group http://www.warriorsforinnocence.org/search/label/LiveJournal (from outside of lj) had reported to the lj-responsables.

And now they say Well we really screwed this one up…

And, deleting comms and journals going by the interest and that their profiles weren't 'clear' enough? Ouch. I'm glad that none of my comms has been suspended or deleted. They obviously didn't go by 'slash' and 'yaoi' and stuff like that. Oh, and 'smut' which I have in my profile. Anyway. I'm not impressed. I doubt anyone is. Except by how grand the mess is that they caused.

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PotC Woes ... darn

May 27th, 2007 (08:35 pm)

current mood: guilty
current song: Up Is Down - PotC 3 soundtrack

I swear I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes...

Darn ant twice more. I had SWORN to myself that I'd keep out of the line of the RNotC discontentments about AWE. And I tried, I really really did. So, last night I just hopped over to rnotc to check on what has been going on, cause I'd been out of the PotC fandom a little for some time. And they now have the new rule of banning any fanworks concerning AWE. Which I am NOT holding a grudge against ANYONE for. It's just that I know my future PotC fics will NEVER meet those guidelines, so I left the comm. Nicely, and I repeat, no grudge, because I love that comm and will still come and lurk and read and review. I just... I wanted to AVOID the mess my posts and opinions tend to cause.

But guess what. Now I'm back into the discussion again and yeah, I can't help but feel a little responsable for the mess that has been going on over there for the last few hours. *head/desk* I really really swear it wasn't my intention. My post was neutral. I mean, I get that there were more people who probably reacted more harshly to the new rules, but yeah... I'm in the fray again.

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japanese translation

May 4th, 2007 (09:57 pm)

current mood: hopeful
current song: Medium on TV

Hello to my f-list and anyone else who reads this. lol Ok, no idea if anyone here can speak Japanese, but I need the translation of the words/phrase "cold as ice". I know there's online translators and they work, but I can't read Japanese, so I need the phonetic sound/writing. It would be super sweet if anyone could help me.

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(no subject)

March 2nd, 2007 (01:44 pm)

current mood: sick
current song: Billy Talent

So, remember when I had a sore throat yeterday? It started in th morning and was ok for the rest of the day until I came home from vocal coaching and took a short nap then. After that it was back.

And this morning I wake up and feel like someone is continuously stabbing the back of my throat. So I get up and my dad is awake and I try to talk to him just to find out that my voice is pretty much gone. And now anything that involves talking and swallowing is just very painful. Damn the shit rain. Except that now that I'm sick I look out of the window and it's not raining and the sun is shining. How sucky is that?

Oh, but one good thing happened. I ordered Final Fantasy XII and it arrived today.

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interesting challenge which I stumbled on

February 24th, 2007 (04:30 pm)

current mood: excited

Hey, all my fanfic writing friends!

I just stumbled upon this challenge at the following link http://seanarenay.livejournal.com/385117.html

They encourage people to post the link around, so yeah, thought I would. Maybe some of you wanna take part.

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February 4th, 2007 (01:31 pm)

current mood: incredulous

Ok. WTF? I'm just watching NEXT on MTV. There is this real blond bitch from California. She's dating the guys. So, up to now she's nexted the first two guys INSTANTLY within the first second of seeing them. without even talking a word to them. Also, she claims that she didn't come to California for the sun or the guys, but for the shopping.

GODS. What a bitch she is too. Whiny, spoiled, childish, immature... the list could go on. I can hardly express how much I HATE such people.

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forum promotion

January 7th, 2007 (03:08 pm)

current mood: promoting
current song: Dance show on TV

Hello, everyone.

I'm posing to promote Explosion 5000 which is a forum of a friend of mine. I'm a member there too and I thought I'd promote it a bit in hopes that maybe a few more people join.

Anyway, on the forum there's a lot of discussions for instance about movies, music, video games, life in general, there's forum games and a lot of fun. The members on the forum are very nice an active too.

So, we'd love to see you all over at Explosion 5000!

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My life's song

November 22nd, 2006 (08:50 pm)

current mood: calm
current song: Blind As A Bat - Meat Loaf

I thought I'd finally post the lyrics to the song that I think is my life's song, the song that I live. It's 'Rock N Roll Dreams Come Through' by Meat Loaf

lyrics under the cutCollapse )

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